A downloadable game for Windows

Submission for BYOG Gamejam 2020 implementing 2 themes namely "Unlearn" & "Jump gone wrong"

1. Unlearn: The character needs to unlearn some skills to learn new ones

2. Jump gone wrong: This game is designed such that one wrong jump will lead to collection of new unnecessary skills and thereby fits the theme nicely. In certain levels the user jump is very critical to collect the right skills.


1. Updated Level Design

2. Improved UI, VFX  and SFX

3. Added 10 more Levels (Total 15) with nice user experience

4. Added Thought Process animations for new skill learning

5. Updated Enemies (added new and updated the old ones)


The Broken Knight Version2.rar 22 MB

Install instructions

Install the rar and unzip it to play the application

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