A downloadable game for Windows

This game is made for Together JAM and is based on the character of "Xena" from "Xena: Warrior Princess" TV series

The game continues from where the show left off, i.e the sacrifice of Xena to save thousands of souls.

The Theme "Power in Numbers" has been implemented by quantitatively limiting the character's Power of Throwing and Recalling.


The game is a fun blend of Action and Puzzle Elements.

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Arrow Keys or

W, A, S, D


Aim: Mouse Pointer

Throw: Mouse Left-click

Cancel Aim: Mouse Right-click

Use strategy to place your in-game character at the right positions while throwing the Chakram and recalling it to maximize damage within the limited availability.


Powered by LOOTLOCKER.

Made for Together JAM


Thanks to Ansimuz for his amazing soundtracks.

Thanks to craftpix.net for its Icons.

Install instructions

Download the file, extract it and open the executable file.


Apex En Action V2.rar 55 MB

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